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Focus Stories

Focus Stories showcase examples of biotechnology in action in New Zealand and include curriculum-linked unit plans, teaching ideas, video clips and animations.

How a tiny parasitic crab affects mussel aquaculture (Leigh Marine Laboratory).

Explore the science and the art of cheesemaking (Meyer Gouda Cheese).

Treating diabetes with pig cell transplants (Living Cell Technologies).

Developing an apple variety with red flesh (Plant & Food Research).

Selectively breeding more cost-effective sheep (AgResearch).

Developing innovative wool fabrics and products (AgResearch).

Transgenic cows can be used to alter milk composition or to produce therapeutic proteins (AgResearch).

Making new food products from taewa (Riddet Institute).

Adding fish oil to food without making it taste or smell fishy (Riddet Institute).

Researchers are mimicking evolution in the lab (Victoria University).

Making innovative biodegradable products (Potatopak).

Mānuka honey is the active ingredient in a new wound dressing (University of Waikato and Comvita).

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