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Biological control of possums: useful links

This is a list of additional resources for the Biological control of possums focus story and information sheets.

National Research Centre for Possum Biocontrol
New Zealand has a National Research Centre for Possum Biocontrol (NRCPB). The NRCPB supports the latest research in possum biocontrol. It aims to develop new tools to control possum numbers. This site has an overview of the possum biocontrol research around the world and links to all of the organisations in New Zealand who are involved.

Possum Information Sheets & Manuals
An information sheet about the introduction of possums in New Zealand and how they have spread.

Possums ... Their effects on native vegetation
An information sheet outlining the effects of possums on native vegetation.

Effects of possums on native animals
An information sheet outlining the effects of possums on native birds.

Possums and TB
An information sheet explaining the role of possums in spreading bovine tuberculosis.

1080 factsheet
A factsheet about the effects of 1080 on pest management, the environment and native species from Forest & Bird.

1080: Frequently asked questions
A factsheet from Forest & Bird about use of 1080 in New Zealand.

Review of 1080 use in New Zealand
A review of 1080 use in New Zealand from the Environmental Risk Management Authority (ERMA) released in August 2007.

Eradication of vertebrate pests
An example of research showing how deer repellant added to bait containing 1080 reduces the number of deer deaths caused by 1080.

Caught in the headlights: New Zealanders' reflections on possums, control options and genetic engineering
Caught in the headlights’, a 2000 report on New Zealander’s reflections on possums, control options and genetic engineering. Includes examples of focus group questions that students could replicate.

Making TB history
An in-depth look at New Zealand’s history of bovine TB through the eyes of farmers.


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