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Breeding red-fleshed apples: useful links

This is a list of additional resources for the focus story Breeding red-fleshed apples.

Plant variety rights
Find out more about plant variety rights on the New Zealand Intellectual Property Office website.

Find out more about Prevar’s work and shareholders on the Prevar website.

Selecting better enzymes
Read the Biotechnology Learning Hub focus story Evolved enzymes to learn how selective breeding can even be done on molecules in the laboratory.
Evolved enzymes

Apple germplasm collection in USA
Learn about the USA’s national apple germplasm collection, which also contains many wild varieties from the apple forests of Kazakhstan.

Sensory scientists
Find out more about the work of sensory scientists in this article on the Science Learning Hub.

How human taste functions
To learn more about how our sense of taste works, read this article on the Science Learning Hub.

Sensing food
Find out how our senses work together to influence our impression of food flavour in this article on the Science Learning Hub.

Pollinating fruit crops
Learn more about how cross-pollination is managed in apple orchards.

Pollination in the wild
Read about how insects and others promote cross-pollination in wild plants.

In this context on the Science Learning Hub learn about the role of flowers in the life cycles of flowering plants, discover how flowers ensure the transfer of pollen, and meet some of the unsuspecting animal pollinators.

Phytochemicals in fruit
Learn more about polyphenols and their role in our diet in this article on the Science Learning Hub.

Research on red-fleshed apples
Read the original research papers in which Plant & Food Research scientists Richard Espley and Andy Allan and colleagues describe the genetic basis of red flesh in apples.

Arabidopsis: a model plant
Learn more about Arabidopsis thaliana.

Publishing the apple genome
Read the original research paper that reported the apple genome sequence (published in the journal Nature Genetics).

What’s in a genome?
Visit this site for further information about what a genome is and its role in genetics and heredity.

How to sequence a genome
These short videos give a step-by-step account of how a genome is sequenced (with specific reference to the human genome).

The apple through history
This interactive allows you to explore the history of the apple, from ancient times to modern America.


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