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Easy care sheep: useful links

This is a list of additional resources for the focus story Easy care sheep.

Cloning farm animals
Article discussing benefits and ethical issues of cloning farm animals.

A history of farming in New Zealand
A historical account of farming in New Zealand since the beginning of European settlement, on the Te Ara website.

Sheep farming in New Zealand
Learn about the importance of sheep farming in New Zealand and the sheep breeds that have been introduced and bred for the New Zealand environment, on the Te Ara website.

Crutching sheep
Provides an explanation about crutching, why and how it’s done, including images.

Romney sheep
Find out more about Romney sheep in New Zealand.

Sheep farming in New Zealand
A historical account of sheep farming and sheep breeds in New Zealand.

Genetics and heredity
Learn more about genetics and heredity on the Utah University’s Learn Genetics website.

Genetics for students
Access free articles and learn more about genetics on Scitable – a Nature Education site aimed at science undergraduate students.

Lincoln scientists recognised for sheep research
This news article includes a brief outline of Dr David Scobie’s research to develop an easy care sheep and the award he received for his work.

Using animals in science
A comprehensive resource about using animals in research, the ethics involved and balancing harm and benefit.

The Animal Welfare Act
A guide to the Animal Welfare Act 1999 is provided here on the Biosecurity New Zealand website.


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