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Did You Know

See below for a list of ‘Did You Know’ articles relating to future foods.

Pacific oysters are high in zinc, iron, iodine and the essential amino acids taurin and hypotaurine which reduce blood cholesterol levels.

New Zealanders eat about 60 million pies a year, which means that each person eats on average 15 pies a year

Almonds and dates, both mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible, were among the earliest cultivated foods.

Phosphoric acid makes soft drinks fizzy and acidic like lemon juice, so lots of sugar is added to make them taste sweet.

A child eating a pie, chips, a cookie and a fizzy drink for lunch is likely to consume 10 teaspoons of fat and 20 of sugar.

One standard can of soft drink (330 mls) contains up to 10 teaspoons of sugar.

About 1/2 of the calories in the average fast food meal come from fat.

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