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Collaboration for Lifestyle Foods (V0280)

Crop & Food Research (now Plant & Food Research) scientists, nutritionists and food manufacturers ... it's working together that is a key to the success of the Lifestyle Foods project.

What does New Zealand's food industry want, and how does the Lifestyle Foods programme help them to get it?


Annette Campbell (Baking Industry Research Trust): I think the exciting thing about Lifestyle Foods is the fact that it is a partnership between the Nutrition Foundation, scientists at Crop & Food Research and food industry people.

Kevin Sutton (Plant & Food Research): Collaboration with industry is important from several viewpoints. The scientists need to work with the [food] industry to maintain the relevance of their work. We are trying to address some of the industry’s issues with producing foods, particularly for export. We need to work with them to identify what are those issues, and address research towards finding out solutions for them.

A lot of the science we do comes right back to developing new plants, developing new processes, and understanding the chemistry and physics of food. But if we want to apply it we have to work with the industry people, in order to develop it into real products.

In New Zealand, Crop & Food Research is regarded as one of the leading research providers for the food industry. Industry comes to us because we have the capabilities and the research knowledge around food. The food industry has a lot of technical expertise but the scientific expertise resides mainly within the Crown Research Institutes.

Annette Campbell (Baking Industry Research Trust): Now for New Zealand that’s great, because what it really means is that we’re starting to see really good science applied to food, so that people can have confidence about buying food that has been scientifically-endorsed, nutritionally-validated and is out there because it tastes great


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