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What is Lifestyle Foods? (V0279)

The key goal of the Lifestyle Foods programme is to develop new foods that are both healthy and taste great. Annette Campbell from the Baking Industry Research Trust and Kevin Sutton from Crop & Food Research (now called Plant & Food Research) explain why the program is needed.

We often eat foods just because we like them and they taste nice, but are these foods good for us? The Lifestyle Foods programme is using the expertise of scientists at Crop & Food Research to develop new foods that are healthy, taste great and can be matched to people's energy needs.


Annette Campbell (Baking Industry Research Trust ): In today’s environment, when we’re getting a whole lot of messages about health and well-being, we need to be able to get foods that are appropriate for that health and well-being. Consumers choose food on a variety of factors - the most overwhelming being taste and whether they enjoy having that food. But what we are starting to see is that health is starting to take a much more prominent place in food choices. But what we hear is that we’re not choosing healthy food, because overwhelmingly it doesn’t taste great.

Food manufacturers in New Zealand have for some time been quite aware that they need to be able to deliver more appropriate foods for an individual. They have combined with Crop & Food Research to develop - what we call the Lifestyle Foods programme - in order to create great tasting, controlled glycaemic load foods that are appropriate for an individual’s lifestyle.

Kevin Sutton (Plant & Food Research): The research in the programme covers a wide range of disciplines all the way through from plant breeding; through plant chemistry; physics of components and compounds; sensory science; consumer science; and clinical testing of people and their reaction to food.

Annette Campbell (Baking Industry Research Trust ): The exciting thing about Lifestyle Foods is the fact that it is a partnership between the Nutrition Foundation, scientists at Crop & Food Research and food industry people. Now for New Zealand that’s great, because what it really means is that we’re starting to see really good science applied to food, so that people can have confidence about buying food that has been scientifically-endorsed, nutritionally-validated, and is out there because it tastes great.


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