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Unit plan: From bees to bandages



Middle Primary
Upper Primary
Lower Secondary



Nature of Science
Living World

Nature of Technology
Technological Practice
Technological Knowledge

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Students investigate the antibacterial properties of Mānuka honey and use their results to produce a dressing that can be used on a wound to kill any bacteria infecting it.


To investigate how honey can heal wounds. To understand that Mānuka honey contains a special factor, which makes it especially good at healing wounds.

To consider the problems that need to be overcome when making honey into a wound dressing for healing a range of wounds, including burns, ulcers, and surgical wounds.

To make a wound dressing from honey will be the main focus in this unit, as this aspect can be assessed in the classroom more easily than testing the effectiveness of the healing quality of the dressing.


Microorganisms, bacteria, wound healing, immune system, wound dressing.


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