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What are some quality control procedures at Tatua?

Quality control procedures are vital for a company that is producing food and health products for the New Zealand and international market.

Meeting customer specifications

All products produced by Tatua Dairy Co-operative need to meet customer specifications. To check this, a certain percentage of the end-products are tested to verify that customer criteria have been met. Sampling and monitoring are also carried out at different steps in the process.

Health regulations

Health regulations are also very important within any industry making products that will be added to foods. Regulations are set by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority.

Sample swabs are taken from around the Tatua factory twice daily and tested for bacterial contamination.

Rodent and insect traps are placed at particular sites around the factory.

There is also a ‘foot exchange’ system, and anyone entering the factory is required to exchange their shoes for gumboots, which are always kept within the factory. This minimises the risk of contamination from footwear.

All workers within the factory are also required to wear laboratory coats and protective caps over their hair.

Other considerations

Other things to consider when developing a product are legal issues, environmental issues, feasibility and market analysis.

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