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Diet, health and genes. It's all brought together in a new area of research, called nutrigenomics. In this video conference, experts Lynn Ferguson and Jim Kaput explore with Year 10 students some of the impacts that this research may have on society.

Nutrigenomics is a new science that may have a big impact on future lifestyles. New Zealand scientists are proving to be world leaders in this exciting field.

To find out more, Year 10 students from six secondary schools in the wider Thames region participated in a video conference Lynn Ferguson, programme leader of Nutrigenomics New Zealand and Jim Kaput, a visiting expert from North America. The discussion focused on the relationship between genes, diet and health.

Watch clips of Lynn and Jim talking about:

  • The science of nutrigenomics
  • The role of nutrigenomics in diseases such as Crohn’s disease, Type II diabetes, and obesity
  • The use of cell and animal models in their research
  • How nutrigenomics research may lead to changes in the ways we think about how to best manage our health

The students who prepared and asked the questions during this interview are from the following schools: Mercury Bay Area School, Thames High School, Morrinsville College, Paeroa College, Whangamata Area School, Waihi College, and Te Aroha College. Students from Coromandel Area School also helped prepare the interview questions but were unable to be part of the interview.

This video conference was organised with the help of Nutrigenomics New Zealand and the students’ e-learning science teacher, Dr Paul Lowe. More information about nutrigenomics can be found in the Hub's focus story: Nutrigenomics.

Video clips

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