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Robotic milking: useful links

This is a list of additional resources for the Robotic milking focus story and information sheets.

Robotic milking

DairyNZ’s Greenfield Project
A summary of the DairyNZ (formerly Dexcel) project, including a comparison between conventional and automated farming systems and links to research articles.

Automatic milking systems
Information about automatic milking systems from DairyNZ.

Automatic milking in New Zealand: Fact or fantasy?
Murray Woolford from DairyNZ (formerly Dexcel), explores the likely uptake of Automated Milking Systems by New Zealand farmers and factors impacting their decision-making. This article was written during the early stages of the research project.

Robotic milking around the world
A collection of articles about automatic milking systems (AMS) are available on this EU project website.

The changing face of dairy farming in New Zealand

History of dairying in New Zealand
Brief history of dairying in New Zealand from the Dairy Companies Association of New Zealand (DCANZ).

The story of Merv Hicks – inventor of the rotary milking shed
Find out more about Merv Hicks from Taranaki and how he invented the rotary shed.

Setting up the Greenfield Project's research farm

DairyNZ - Robotic milking
Information about robotic milking systems covering everything from what to consider, to getting started and fine tuning.

Greenfield project timeline
History of the Greenfield project on the DairyNZ website.

Other useful links

Milk as a material
Mining milk focus story on the New Zealand Biotechnology Learning Hub.
Mining milk

Foodreference.com — Quirky facts on milk

Animations about milk production in New Zealand
The story of milk production in New Zealand, a series of colourful animations made by Fonterra.

Benefits of milk
Journal of Young Investigators 2002 article, Milk, doing your body good? written by Jean Lee and Randy Wei.

Harvesting milk in NZ
Lifestyle Block — the information hub for small farmers. Article on The House Cow by Dr Clive Dalton.

An overview of NZ dairy industry, produced by MAF.

Innovation in the NZ dairy industry

Timeline of changes in dairy farming in New Zealand on the New Zealand Biotechnology Learning Hub.
History of New Zealand dairy farming

Techhistory.co.nz — linking technological innovation in NZ to economic growth.

Information about once-a-day-milking from DairyNZ.

Information about automatic milking systems from DairyNZ


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