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Use this section to find out how to use the website effectively.

  • Finding your way around

    A description of the resources available on the New Zealand Biotechnology Learning Hub.

  • Search

    Tips on how to search for resources on the site.

  • Video help

    Find out about the various video options on the Biotechnology Learning Hub and helpful tips.

  • Register for My Biotech

    Register for our free My Biotech service and you can access additional website features.

  • My Biotech help

    My Biotech provides you with enhanced features to help you make the most of the New Zealand Biotechnology Learning Hub.

  • Technical help

    This section offers technical help for managing print and screen settings, viewing website content and bookmarking pages.

  • RSS Help

    The New Zealand Biotechnology Learning Hub has an RSS (Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary) feed.

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