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Finding your way around

A description of the resources available on the New Zealand Biotechnology Learning Hub.

About Biotech

Our About Biotech section has an overview of the biotechnology industry in New Zealand. This section describes the sectors, organisations and people involved in biotechnology in New Zealand and provides ways for schools to access the biotech industry.

Focus Stories

Our Focus Stories section explores specific biotechnology projects in depth. Focus Stories bring together modern examples of biotechnology and classroom-based teaching resources. The stories contain images, video clips, animations, interactives and teaching ideas including unit plans, classroom activities or case studies.


Our Themes section contains examples of biotechnology research on a particular theme. Themes include information sheets and classroom-based teaching resources.


Use our Search section to find specific items, or Browse to explore the different types of content on the website.

News and Events

Our News and Events section is updated regularly. We also link to Radio New Zealand audio files from the Our Changing World programme, which feature interviews with biotechnologists.

Just Up and RSS Feed

Our Just up section and RSS feed will help you keep track of articles as they are published on the New Zealand Biotechnology Learning Hub.


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My Biotech

It is free to register for our My Biotech service. My Biotech provides access to additional features, for example, you can save bookmarked pages or be alerted to new content as it is added to the website.

Thinking Tools

The New Zealand Biotechnology Learning Hub Thinking Tools contains interactive teaching tools.


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