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RSS Help

The New Zealand Biotechnology Learning Hub has an RSS (Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary) feed.

RSS Help

We have an RSS feed that contains a list of our most recently published content, you can view at New Zealand Biotechnology Learning Hub RSS feed.

RSS / Live bookmarks

Many modern browsers can automatically detect a page that has an RSS feed. Look out for the RSS or Live Bookmarks symbol in the area of the browser where URLs are displayed, and then follow the browser’s instructions.

RSS feed readers / aggregators

It is possible to receive multiple RSS feeds from a range of websites. To receive and view these effectively, an RSS feed reader aggregator can be used. This receives all the RSS feeds in one place and sends alerts when updated content is received.

Suggested RSS readers and aggregators

The following are popular, downloadable RSS feedreaders / aggregators.

For PC

FeedReader: http://www.feedreader.com (1.23Mb)

For Mac OS X

NetNewsWire: http://www.ranchero.com/netnewswire
Wizz RSS News Reader for Firefox: http://www.wizzrss.com/
Linux Straw (for GNOME): http://projects.gnome.org/straw/


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