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News and Events

Check out a range biotechnology news and events in New Zealand.

Note due to changes in our funding, as of December 2014, we are no longer able to provide news stories, but please email enquiries@biotechlearn.org.nz if you would like a relevant event to be featured.

Latest news

  • Mutating genes to detect cancer


    Medical researchers from the UK, the US and Canada have developed a new tool that identifies mutating genes to detect the early stages of oesophageal cancer.

  • Heart attack bacteria


    It has long been believed that over-exertion, stress and emotional shock can cause heart attacks in vulnerable people, but the pathway by which this occurs has remained uncertain.

  • A genome for ewe


    Mapping the whole genome of the sheep (Ovis aries) was completed earlier this year. The information is contributing to a myriad of new research projects to improve the health and meat and wool yields from New Zealand’s most populous farm animal.

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Radio New Zealand audio

  • Bee-friendly insecticides

    17 Apr, 2014

    University of Otago geneticist Peter Dearden is using the bee genome to develop a bee-friendly insecticide.

  • Clean technology

    13 Mar, 2014

    Clean-tech company CarbonScape has developed and patented microwave technology to convert biomass into high-value carbon products, including activated carbon and coking fuel known as green coke.

  • Testing for Legionnaires’ disease

    06 Mar, 2014

    Legionnaires’ disease is a severe form of pneumonia. In New Zealand, it is most commonly associated with gardening activities. Christchurch Hospital now tests every pneumonia patient for Legionnaires’ disease.

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