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2006 Archive

Looking for a news story about biotechnology in New Zealand? Browse our news archive from 2006.

  • Cancer gets personal approach


    A dramatic improvement in the way cancer is treated could be achieved with the help of New Zealand scientists.

  • Undersea life explored


    A search for exotic life forms living near vents that bubble with gas on the ocean floor around New Zealand has recently been completed.

  • Science unlocks health benefits of fruits


    Researchers looking into the links between food and disease at a genetic level say they have seen positive results from apple extracts on genes associated with Crohn's disease.

  • Sheep genome almost complete


    Kiwi scientists have played a major part in mapping the sheep genome, which they hope will provide the 'best bet' about where hereditary information about specific characteristics can be found on the 26 chromosome pairs.

  • Fish oils add benefit to food


    Technology developed in New Zealand will mean that the total daily omega-3 fish oil requirement for a defined health benefit can be met in a single daily serving — of icecream, bread, yoghurt or cake!

  • Sheep study to help humans


    Ground breaking research into a sheep disease conducted at Lincoln University could help children with a currently incurable degenerative brain condition.

  • Novel crops could mean less pesticide


    New Zealand scientists are seeking approval to conduct a small scale field trial of genetically modified brassica plants.

  • New Zealand heart patients in global trial


    Auckland cardiologist, John Ormiston, is leading a revolution in heart stents.

  • Fruit gets boost from science


    Blueberries, cranberries and pomegranates are currently recognised "superfruits".

  • Local experts develop heart attack therapy


    One in three New Zealanders will die of some kind of cardiac event. New Zealand scientists are developing a treatment that can dramatically reduce damage to the heart after a heart attack.

  • Sustainable business wins award


    A commitment to integrating environmental, social and economic best practice in their business has won natural health products company Comvita a Westpac Sustainable Business Award.

  • New company to help find better medicines


    Antibodies produced by New Zealand's disease-free sheep stock are helping researchers investigate disease pathways in cells.

  • NZ researchers help decode honeybee genome


    New insights into bee biology, evolution and how learning and memory work at the molecular level are expected to be revealed by the recently decoded honeybee genome.

  • Bioplastics growth business in New Zealand


    Raw materials derived from plants are being used to make plastic food service products by New Zealand's biggest rigid plastics manufacturing company, Alto Packaging Ltd.

  • Trans-Tasman research tracks indigenous health


    The health of a group of Māori and Australian Aboriginal men will be tracked over the next three years as part of a project to discover why some ethnic groups have a high proportion of people developing diabetes.

  • NZ expertise to help bones heal


    New Zealand scientists are investigating the potency of a variety of carbohydrate molecules as triggers in the development of stem cells.

  • Project targets super vegetables


    New Zealand scientists are identifying and developing vegetable cultivars with increased levels of beneficial nutrients.

  • Kiwi researchers unravel clue to diabetes treatment


    New Zealand researchers have discovered the structure of a molecule which they think could provide clues for a new diabetes treatment.

  • Farmer helps sheep fertility research


    Sheep farmers have the chance to dramatically increase their profits, thanks to the discovery of a gene that promotes greater fertility in sheep.

  • Kiwifruit may help sound sleep


    A small study commissioned by the kiwifruit marketing company Zespri found eating two pieces of kiwifruit one hour before bed can increase sleep quality by up to 40 percent.

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