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Probiotic prevents tooth decay

23 Oct, 2007

Source: BLIS Technologies Ltd

BLIS Technologies has received a US patent for its new oral probiotic to prevent dental cavities.

Called MIA, the probiotic strain has been shown to be very effective in protecting teeth from dental plaque which is known to be a major contributor to tooth decay, Dr Chris Chilcott of BLIS says.

“We believe the new MIA probiotic can be used to suppress levels of Streptococcus mutans, the principal cause of dental plaque,” Dr Chilcott adds.

Streptococcus mutans converts refined sugar to lactic acid, which erodes the mineral in enamel and dentin and weakens teeth, resulting in tooth decay.

Dr Chilcott says tooth decay is a worldwide problem that affects the majority of populations in industrialized and developing countries.

BLIS is currently discussing the potential commercial opportunities for MIA with major international companies.

The firm’s first oral probiotic, BLIS K12, is already on the market to prevent upper airways infection and chronic bad breath.


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