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Kiwi link for vege based racing car

20 May, 2009

Source: Fairfax

A Formula 3 racing car built using vegetables and powered by a chocolate by-product features potato-based components provided by New Zealand scientists.

The UK built car has a steering wheel made from carrots, a flax body and seats made from soya beans.

New Zealand scientists helped by refining the potato-based wing mirrors, made out of potato starch by Potatopak in Blenheim.

“This material is practical and it can take hard knocks,” Nick Tucker from Plant & Food Research says.

The Formula 3 car is run on waste from the chocolate-making process, which is converted to bioethanol and mixed with vegetable oil to create biodiesel.

It has a top speed of 233kmph and may be shipped to New Zealand for a demonstration.

“We’d love to get it over here and are in negotiations over that,” Dr Tucker adds.

Formula 3 car in action

Check out short video clips of the car on the University of Warwick’s website.


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