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2010 Archive

Looking for a news story about biotechnology in New Zealand? Browse our news archive from 2010.

  • Pig cell transplant treatment for diabetes


    New Zealand firm Living Cell Technologies (LCT) says it will have to educate the Russian market before it can start selling its ground-breaking pig cell transplant treatment for diabetics there mid-2011.

  • What makes superfoods super


    Australia and New Zealand's food industry watchdog is considering a new code that would allow food growers and manufacturers to make health claims about products provided they can support them with scientific evidence.

  • Researchers develop new heart tests


    Biotechnology researchers at the Auckland University of Technology are exploring innovative techniques to better diagnose people at risk of heart disease.

  • 12 days of Christmas at AgResearch


    AgResearch’s singing scientist Dr Matthew Barnett has followed his success with The Epigenome Song and I Love Fibre with a version of The 12 Days of Christmas.

  • Nothing wasted in biofuel truck


    Auckland’s first rubbish truck to run on biogas has begun its rounds. Its performance matches that of a diesel engine but is more environmentally friendly.

  • Pig farmer’s innovative biogas scheme


    Taranaki pig farmer Steve Lepper has found an original source of electricity – his own pigs.

  • Tools measure impact of cancer drugs


    Timaru biotechnology company Symansis makes biochemical tools to assist cancer drug researchers assess what effects new drugs are having on cells.

  • $5,000 scholarship for algae research


    Tara McAllister, a Whakatane year 13 student, received a BayerBoost scholarship to further her research into phormidium, a type of algae.

  • Foods to keep us feeling full


    Discovering how plant foods reduce appetite and keep people feeling fuller for longer is a new Plant & Food Research programme receiving investment from New Zealand food companies and government.

  • Biosecurity threat – kiwifruit vine disease


    In November 2010, kiwifruit growers discovered a highly contagious vine-killing canker that affects the vine of the kiwifruit but not the actual fruit. A number of kiwifruit orchards in Te Puke area were quarantined.

  • Chances of recovery after stroke


    Stroke victims may soon know the relief of having a definitive prediction of their chances of recovery, according to research conducted by the University of Auckland.

  • Marine lipids can help combat disease


    IRL hosted a workshop attended by New Zealand and Japanese researchers to investigate the promotion of New Zealand marine lipids as ingredients for functional foods.

  • It pays to get a good night’s sleep


    Sleep apnoea is associated with heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure and diabetes.

  • IRL and New York researchers collaborate


    New Zealand research organisation Industrial Research Ltd (IRL) is expanding its presence in the United States to boost a partnership that has already created promising drug treatments for a range of debilitating illnesses.

  • TB study highlights immune response


    New Zealand scientists with special expertise in human immune systems say recent research indicates the key to tackling the deadly disease tuberculosis (TB) may lie in understanding how the immune system responds to it.

  • Kiwifruit boosts iron levels


    Gold kiwifruit can help boost a person’s iron levels according to new research from Massey University.

  • Multiple sclerosis drug trials


    People suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS) hope being part of a new drug trial will lead to the first official registered treatment for the disease.

  • Biofuels at petrol station pumps


    New Zealand has its first biofuel service stations now that pumps at various Gull outlets in Auckland deliver a biofuel blend.

  • AgResearch fabrics on the catwalk


    Kiwi fashion designers used new woollen fabrics to design garments for the 2010 New Zealand Fashion Week.

  • Weevils, weasels and tumours win top awards


    Research on clover root weevil, weasels and pituitary tumours have won top Waikato scientists over $20,000 in awards at the 2010 KuDos Awards.

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