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Science underpins new skincare range

18 Jun, 2013

The anti-ageing skincare brand MitoQ was launched in late 2012. The active ingredient in MitoQ is a derivative of CoQ and is based on research carried out by UK and New Zealand scientists.

This research was a collaboration between Dr Mike Murphy at Cambridge University and Professor Robin Smith at the University of Otago.

Active ingredient is a derivative of CoQ

MitoQ’s active ingredient is a derivative of CoQ, a component of the body’s own antioxidant system. MitoQ’s technology delivers CoQ to the mitochondria (which are responsible for turning food and oxygen into energy) within cells to protect against free radicals.

According to Dr Murphy, “The formula we developed delivers high levels of CoQ straight to the mitochondria in cells, significantly increasing the number of antioxidants available to fight free radicals and reduce the signs of ageing. Without question, it is the most effective biological antioxidant ever produced.”

Mitochondrial targeted compounds

Their research was directed towards specific molecules that are designed to target certain biological environments and also incorporate a chemical modifier. By introducing a phosphonium group into molecules with known antioxidant (vitamin E, coenzyme Q) or other (buckminsterfullerene, spin traps) chemical reactivities, selective concentration in the mitochondrial portion of a cell can be achieved.

The scientists developed some of these compounds in conjunction with Antipodean Pharmaceuticals Inc. The MitoQ compound has been involved in phase II clinical trials for effectiveness against Parkinson’s disease and hepatitis C.

Digital sales strategy

The science, which is patented in New Zealand and in several other countries around the world including the US and China, is owned by Auckland-based MitoQ Ltd.

MitoQ is shunning traditional retail (pharmacies, department stores and so on) in favour of a purely digital sales strategy – a move intended to distance the brand from the ‘false promises’ of the advertising-driven beauty industry and let the science speak for itself.


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