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2006 RNZ Archive

Looking for a radio broadcast about biotechnology? Browse the Radio New Zealand audio archive on the Hub.

  • 2006 Young Scientist of the Year

    08 Jun, 2006

    Veronika Meduna catches up with the winners of 2006 MacDiarmid Young Scientist of the Year.

  • Antarctic Fish Research

    07 Dec, 2006

    Victoria Metcalf travels to Antarctic each summer to collect fish for her research at the University of Canterbury.

  • Big science ideas

    10 Aug, 2006

    Veronika Meduna talks to Nobel laureate Sir Paul Nurse about cancer research and stem cells.

  • Biofuels

    02 Nov, 2006

    Mike Packer, at the Cawthron Institute, discusses the use of algae to produce biofuels and hydrogen.

  • Bioplastics

    17 Aug, 2006

    Researchers at Massey University are investigating ways of making bioplastics from waste.

  • Bovine genome

    07 Sep, 2006

    Theresa Wilson, manager for animal genomics at AgResearch, talks about the recently completed bovine genome project.

  • Free radicals and vegetables

    31 Aug, 2006

    Mark Hampton talks about the levels of free radicals in vegetables as part of his work for the Free Radical Research Group.

  • Gene discoveries in fruits and flowers

    17 Aug, 2006

    Richard Newcomb, an industrial biotechnologist at HortResearch (now called Plant & Food Research) in Auckland, discusses his research into genes involved in plant flavour and fragrances.

  • Gout

    11 May, 2006

    Gout is the most painful form of arthritis, and Louise Wallace finds out about a research project to improve treatment for gout.

  • Mussel breeding

    19 Oct, 2006

    Aquaculture scientist Nick King takes Veronika Meduna on a tour to show her some stud shellfish.

  • Potato genome sequencing project

    31 Aug, 2006

    Jeanne Jacobs from Crop & Food Research, now called Plant & Food Research, talks about an international initiative to sequence the potato genome.

  • Selective nutrition in kākāpō

    18 May, 2006

    Dean Williams talks to David Raubenheimer, whose research focus is the nutritional composition of kākāpō supplementary food.

  • Tuberculosis vaccines

    02 Nov, 2006

    Joanna Kirman, at the Malaghan Institute, discusses tuberculosis and the need for new vaccines.

  • Health benefits of the vegetable caterpillar

    30 Aug, 2007

    Industrial Research Limited (IRL) chemist Stephen Tauwhare discusses the possible health benefits of the vegetable caterpillar, or awheto.

  • Winner of the GenEthics Competition

    03 Aug, 2006

    Veronika Meduna catches up with the judges and final winner of the GenEthics competition, an annual essay competition for high schools.

  • Nutrigenomics

    10 Nov, 2005

    Nutritionist Lynn Ferguson explains nutrigenomics and the idea of matching foods to individual genotypes.

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