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2008 RNZ Archive

Looking for a radio broadcast about biotechnology? Browse the Radio New Zealand audio archive on the Hub.

  • Healthy honey

    18 Sep, 2008

    Professor Peter Molan from the University of Waikato explains the health benefits of Mānuka honey.

  • Science of wine making

    28 Aug, 2008

    Evolutionary biologist Matthew Goddard explains that wine is the result of evolution and competition between yeasts

  • Cradle to cradle product development

    04 Sep, 2008

    Michael Braungart explains the cradle to cradle concept of product design.

  • Fixing carbon

    23 Oct, 2008

    Amelia Nurse talks to Nick Gerritsen, director of CarbonScape, a Marlborough company making biochar out of wood waste using new microwave technology.

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