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2009 RNZ Archive

Looking for a radio broadcast about biotechnology? Browse the Radio New Zealand audio archive on the Hub.

  • Genetic screening of plants

    22 Oct, 2009

    Sue Gardiner gives a tour through the Plant & Food Research laboratories in Palmerston North and describes her research, which uses genetic markers to screen for beneficial traits in plants.

  • Leukaemia vaccine research

    15 Oct, 2009

    Robert Weinkove explains why he is developing a new immunotherapy for treating leukaemia that would stimulate the patient’s own immune system to fight the cancerous cells.

  • Booster Broccoli

    23 Sep, 2009

    Researchers at Plant & Food Research have bred a new variety of broccoli that contains high levels of glucosinolates.

  • Zebrafish and genetic research

    27 Aug, 2009

    Zebrafish are small tropical fish being used to help genetic research into human cancers and developmental diseases.

  • Forensics and chemical signatures

    23 Jul, 2009

    Chemical signatures can be used to trace tea, coffee, wine and even gold and silver back to their origin to help solve crime and fraud.

  • Regenerative medicine – a new generation therapeutic

    28 May, 2009

    Regenerative medicine offers the potential to grow replacement skin, cartilage and bone. New Zealand-based regenerative medicine researchers are building links with researchers in the UK.

  • Kākāpō molecular genetics

    09 Apr, 2009

    DNA fingerprinting is being used to identify individual kākāpō and their family relationships on Stewart Island.

  • Genes and ethics

    02 Apr, 2009

    Mark Hanaghan, leader of the Human Genome Research Project, and clinical geneticist Ingrid Winship discuss genes and ethics.

  • Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday anniversary

    12 Feb, 2009

    Darwin’s theories are discussed by current leading evolutionists as his 200th anniversary is celebrated around the world.

  • Treating melanoma

    29 Jan, 2009

    New research on treating melanoma is discussed by scientists Mike Berridge and Melanie McConnell from the Malaghan Institute.

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