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Genes and ethics

02 Apr, 2009

Mark Hanaghan, leader of the Human Genome Research Project, and clinical geneticist Ingrid Winship discuss genes and ethics.

Listen to audio: Genes and ethics

Duration: 12:45

The Human Genome Research Project investigated how genetic testing should be regulated in New Zealand.

Genetic tests for inherited diseases are increasingly available. These tests raise ethical and legal questions. What test should be available? What choices should people be able to make? What if a gene is only associated with susceptibility for a disease?

The Human Genome Research project explored issues relating to:

  • preimplantation genetic diagnosis
  • newborn genetic screening
  • genetic testing of children
  • community genetics
  • reproductive technologies.

Mark Hanaghan and Ingrid Winship discuss some of the issues and recommendations from the research project.

Programme details: Our Changing World


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