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Regenerative medicine – a new generation therapeutic

28 May, 2009

Regenerative medicine offers the potential to grow replacement skin, cartilage and bone. New Zealand-based regenerative medicine researchers are building links with researchers in the UK.

Duration: 13:23

Regenerative medicine has the potential to change the future of medicine. It offers the opportunity to grow replacement skin, cartilage and bones – maybe even organs and limbs – without the trauma of traditional surgical methods. It uses human cells and tissue to repair or restore things in the human body, particularly things associated with ageing and trauma.

The new Gillies-McIndoe Research Institute at Hutt Valley Hospital is developing links with researchers in the UK to collaboratively develop cost-effective industrial methods for growing human tissue.

Medical engineer Professor David Williams, reconstructive plastic surgeon Professor Swee Tan and industry consultant Reg Harris discuss with Justin Gregory the opportunities and challenges of this new science and the potential it offers for New Zealand.

Programme details: Our Changing World


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