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Zebrafish and genetic research

27 Aug, 2009

Zebrafish are small tropical fish being used to help genetic research into human cancers and developmental diseases.

Listen to audio: Zebrafish and genetic research

Duration: 12:32

Zebrafish are a good model to use for studying human diseases because their eggs are transparent and external to the parent. This means you can see the embryo growing in real time. Scientists can gain insights into the development of human diseases by manipulating genes in the embryo and studying their development.

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Get Video conference: Dr Love's zebrafish

Julia Horsfield and PhD student Jenny Rhodes from the Dunedin School of Medicine, where they have recently opened a zebrafish facility, explain their research into human cancers using zebrafish as a model. Their aim is to add knowledge that will generate effective cures for human cancers, particularly breast cancer.

Programme details: Our Changing World


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