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DNA sequencing

28 Oct, 2010

At the Massey Genome Service, DNA is sequenced and the information is used for a wide range of research projects.

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Duration: 12:48

DNA sequencing at Massey University

Lorraine Berry and Patrick Biggs explain how DNA is sequenced at the Massey Genome Service. The service has provided DNA sequencing services for more than 1,000 customers in New Zealand and Australia.

Steps in DNA sequencing

Lorraine Berry and Patrick Biggs explain the process of DNA sequencing. The DNA is amplified, made single stranded and then primers are added. DNA samples are sequenced using a machine. There are two sequencing machines at the Massey Genome Service – a capillary sequencing machine that separates DNA dyed with fluorophores and an Illumina machine used to sequence whole genomes and RNA. DNA sequencing machines generate millions of sequences and terabytes of data.

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Applications of DNA sequencing

Lesley Collins is using DNA sequencing to investigate ancient DNA from the waterborne parasite Giardia lamblia. Patrick Biggs is comparing the genomes of bacteria involved in food poisoning and looking for similarities and differences in their genes.

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