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Gene therapy and cancer

17 Jun, 2010

This programme investigates research into a new way of treating cancerous tumours using gene therapy.

Listen to audio: Gene therapy and cancer

Duration: 13:10

Two University of Otago (Christchurch) researchers based at the Angiogenesis Research Group have made an interesting discovery as they work on a treatment for cancerous tumours. Their research shows that, one day, a cure for these tumours could be as simple as taking a painkiller!

Gabi Dachs and Michelle Hunt have found that a gene can be taken from a simple organism like the E. coli bacterium and inserted into a blood vessel such as those supplying blood to a tumour. This gene then combines with a common drug such as Paracetamol or an antibiotic like Flagyl (used to treat severe bacterial infections), turning it into a substance toxic to the tumour.

Programme details: Our Changing World


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