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Lifestyle foods for energy balance

26 Aug, 2010

Developing new foods that release energy more slowly and improve health is the focus of an ongoing research programme at Plant & Food Research.

Duration: 24:52

In this episode of Our Changing World, Alison Ballance talks with Plant & Food Research’s Tim Lindley, Arran Wilson and Kevin Sutton about the many varied aspects of the Lifestyle Foods programme.

Researching carbohydrates

We get a lot of conflicting information about the food we eat and about the benefits and drawbacks of different types of food. Carbohydrates, in particular, have had a lot of bad press. Lifestyle Foods for Energy Balance is a research programme at Plant & Food Research, focusing on grain-based carbohydrates. Funded by the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology, the programme has been running for 6 years and has just received funding for a further 3 years.

Developing healthier foods

The Lifestyle Foods research team has tested the effect of thousands of foods to see how quickly they release energy into the body. They’re using this information to develop new foods from grain-based carbohydrates that release energy slowly, help you feel fuller for longer and improve health.

Web-based dieting and food labels

One of the spin-offs of Lifestyle Foods research has been a web-based diet programme, Aspire for Life, and the development of the eMark, a new food label to make it simpler for shoppers to buy healthy food.

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