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New uses for marine byproducts

14 Oct, 2010

New high value uses for fish byproducts is the aim of research being undertaken by the Natural Extracts Team at Plant & Food Research’s pilot processing plant in Nelson.

Duration: 13.31

Traditionally, byproducts from the seafood processing industry have low value uses such as fishmeal and fish oil. The Natural Extracts Team at Plant & Food Research is exploring the properties of this resource and higher value uses for it. The team has found the resource has many interesting molecules and is particularly interested in proteins, enzymes and fish lipids such as omega-3. Potential uses include making omega-3 more easily absorbed by humans and ‘designer’ omega-3 products that target specific parts of the body, such as the brain or heart.

In this programme, Natural Extracts Team members Susan Marshall and Matt Miller and PhD student Tim Nalder explain their work at the new Seafood Research Unit in Nelson.

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