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2011 RNZ Archive

Looking for a radio broadcast about biotechnology? Browse the Radio New Zealand audio archive on the Hub.

  • Evolution of multicellular organisms

    17 Feb, 2011

    How and why multicellular organisms evolved from single cells is an evolutionary puzzle.

  • Tracing zoonoses

    10 Mar, 2011

    Nigel French and his team at Massey University are identifying and tracing zoonoses – human diseases that come from animals.

  • Adding value to hoki skin

    17 Mar, 2011

    Marine collagen in hoki skin has particular properties that Plant & Food Research scientists can exploit for electrospinning.

  • Melanoma – trends and treatments

    31 Mar, 2011

    Melanoma rates in New Zealand and Australia are increasing, but we can reduce these rates by minimising our sun exposure.

  • Biocomposites

    09 Jun, 2011

    Biocomposites made entirely of cellulose are the focus of current research at the University of Canterbury. These materials offer a more environmentally friendly alternative to composites made from petrochemical resources.

  • Colour in Mendel’s peas

    19 May, 2011

    Roger Hellens and a team of researchers have discovered the genes that control flower colour in Mendel’s pea plants.

  • Genetically engineered clover

    25 May, 2011

    AgResearch scientists have genetically engineered white clover to increase its levels of condensed tannins.

  • Virus hunters

    12 May, 2011

    Richard Hall and Matthew Peacey are virus hunters using new methods to discover emerging diseases in humans and animals.

  • Heather biocontrol in Tongariro National Park

    28 Apr, 2011

    15 years after heather beetles were introduced to control Scotch heather growth, they finally seem to be having an impact.

  • Reducing methane emissions from farm animals

    25 May, 2011

    AgResearch scientists hope to reduce methane emissions by modifying methane-eating bacteria – methanogens – in the rumen of cattle and sheep.

  • Gene guns and biolistics

    25 May, 2011

    Simon Deroles from Plant & Food Research designs and builds gene guns and uses them to test for gene expression, particularly genes that control for pigments in flowers.

  • Ageing wine

    11 Aug, 2011

    Waikato University scientists have developed a machine that can age wine within minutes by exposing it to an electric field.

  • Wound-healing products

    08 Sep, 2011

    Wellington-based biotechnology company Mesynthes is using meat-processing waste to create wound-healing products.

  • Bioplastics

    03 Nov, 2011

    New bioplastic materials are being developed at Scion in Rotorua, including some that incorporate wood.

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