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2012 RNZ Archive

Looking for a radio broadcast about biotechnology? Browse the Radio New Zealand audio archive on the Hub.

  • National New Zealand Flax Collection

    29 Nov, 2012

    Alison Ballance visits the National New Zealand Flax Collection at Lincoln where she meets ethno-botanist Sue Scheele and curator Katarina Tawiri to find out more about the harakeke collection.

  • Wool in wound dressings

    15 Nov, 2012

    AgResearch scientists explain how wool products are traced and how wool proteins are using in wound dressings.

  • Better wool

    08 Nov, 2012

    Scientists at AgResearch are looking for ways to improve the durability of woollen textiles and carpets in order to sustain the place of wool as a premium product.

  • Food for the aged

    12 Oct, 2012

    Allan Hardacre and his students at Massey University are developing a high-protein food for the aged. Ruth Beran visits the Food Technology Pilot Plant to find out how the food is made.

  • Bio-based timber preservatives

    30 Aug, 2012

    Scion has been looking for environmentally friendly bio-based timber treatments against fungi attacks.

  • Researching an asthma vaccine

    16 Aug, 2012

    The Malaghan Institute is trying to isolate the asthma immune response in the hope of developing a vaccine.

  • Kiwifruit Psa disease genetics

    19 Jul, 2012

    Scientists are looking for resistance genes so kiwifruit plants can withstand the Psa bacterium’s effector genes.

  • Testing kiwifruit susceptibility to Psa

    12 Jul, 2012

    Plant & Food Research is developing a range of assays to test how kiwifruit seedlings respond to Psa.

  • Psa-resistant kiwifruit

    05 Jul, 2012

    Research by Plant & Food scientists is aiming to breed kiwifruit cultivars that show resistance to the pathogen Psa.

  • New cancer treatment

    05 Jul, 2012

    Victoria University is investigating a new form of cancer treatment using evolved enzymes.

  • Bumblebees and pollination

    21 Jun, 2012

    Plant & Food Research is investigating whether bumblebees can be used to pollinate flowers in commercial orchards.

  • Bioluminescence and superbugs

    10 May, 2012

    Glow in the dark bacteria are a novel rapid screening technique for finding new drugs to combat superbugs.

  • Nature’s catalysts

    12 Apr, 2012

    Exploring the function of enzymes and how they might be used to fight microscopic pathogens is the focus of a team of researchers at the University of Canterbury.

  • Waste 2 Gold

    05 Apr, 2012

    The Rotorua District Council and Scion are testing new technologies to reduce waste and create valuable products.

  • Apple bioactives

    29 Mar, 2012

    Compounds in apples that may help ease the symptoms of inflammatory diseases are being investigated by researchers at the University of Otago. The team is part of Nutrigenomics New Zealand.

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