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Newsletter – April 2008

This month, find out how biotechnology is being used to improve milk, in our theme ‘Marvellous milk’. Also, keep up-to-date with who is working in biotechnology and what they are doing, by checking out our latest organisation profiles.

What's new on the Hub?

What is so special about milk? Is milk good or bad for our health? Find out more about New Zealand’s ‘white gold’ in our new theme Marvellous milk. This theme explores A1 and A2 milk and hyper-immune milk.

Marvellous milktheme

Do you want to know which organisations in New Zealand are working in biotechnology? If so, check out our list of organisations in About Biotech.

Here are some organisations we have profiled recently:

New Zealand Extracts Limitedorganisation

New Zealand Extracts produces high quality powder extracts from raw materials such as fruits, berries and grape seeds. These extracts are suitable for use in applications such as functional foods, dietary supplements and cosmetics.

Maurice Wilkins Centre for Molecular Biodiscoveryorganisation

The Maurice Wilkins Centre for Molecular Biodiscovery is a New Zealand Centre of Research Excellence, named in honour of the New Zealand-born Nobel Laureate and hosted by The University of Auckland.

Upcoming events

SciCon – Science to Change Our World – event

06 July 2008 – 09 July 2008
A conference for science teachers, which will explore the nature of science education in the 21st century. REGISTRATION OPEN NOW – Earlybird deadline 26 May. SciCon 2008 will be held in Te Papa, Wellington.

Future Food Roadshow – event

20 December 2007 – 12 October 2008
What will we be eating ten years from now? Will the choices we make now affect the future of food? Find out more about personalised foods and nutrition at the Future Food Roadshow.

New Zealand International Science Festival – event

05 July 2008 – 13 July 2008
‘Everyday Science: It’s all in your head’ is the theme for the 2008 International Science Festival.
The festival will focus on issues facing science, technology and the environment, with the human brain and sustainability being a major focus, in order to promote informed discussion and interesting debate. Potential topics to explore in depth include energy, future medicine, global climate change, carbon footprints and human psychology.

Latest news

Keep up to date with the latest biotechnology news, events and radio broadcasts at: http://www.biotechlearn.org.nz/news

Cabbage family may ward off cancernews

An extract of broccoli sprouts can decrease the incidence of bladder cancer in animal models by more than 50 percent, according to research led by a New Zealand scientist.

Gene markers help improve wool qualitynews

Researchers at Lincoln University are investigating the potential of using gene markers to help farmers choose sheep with favourable wool qualities.

We welcome your ideas

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Best wishes
Dr Diane Dinnis, Project Manager
New Zealand Biotechnology Learning Hub

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