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Newsletter - April 2016

Introducing our new modern Science Learning Hub website – combining the Science Learning Hub and the Biotechnology Learning Hub into ONE innovative, current, user-friendly website for New Zealand teachers, students and communities.

Introducing the new Science Learning Hub website

After 10 years, we are combining the Science Learning Hub and the Biotechnology Learning Hub into ONE innovative, intuitive, modern, user-friendly website for New Zealand teachers, students and communities.

Showcasing leading New Zealand science research and development combined with educational resources, the Science Learning Hub is funded by government to support teachers to make science relevant and engaging. The new site is combined with ongoing activity to produce high-quality resources to connect New Zealand scientists and schools.

The NEW Science Learning Hub displays content under topics and science concepts with an intuitive function that shows you related articles and resources as you search.

It has your old favourite resources plus new and updated content. It will look fresher, feel easier to use and save you time by increasing your efficiency in searching for resources you need for the classroom.

In developing the new site, we have taken into account innovation, changes in technology and how users navigate through websites – and we are excited to show you the new improved Science Learning Hub. The original Science Learning Hub and Biotechnology Learning Hub will still be accessible for a while yet – this will ensure you can find all your old favourite resources while we finish migrating content to the NEW site and allow time for users to become familiar with the new site layout.

If you need support in finding content on the NEW site, please contact us at enquiries@sciencelearn.org.nz or use the feedback app Usersnap on the NEW site.

You’ll find the same great articles, activities, media and resources with a newer, cleaner look – and it’s more intuitive to navigate through the thousands of content pages.

Check out the NEW Science Learning Hub.

Sign in to the Hub for a better user experience

Become a registered member on the Hub to receive extra future functionality, subscribe to newsletters and get a heads up when new content is available. You can also favourite pages for easy, direct access from your login page.

The Science Learning Hub will also continue to roll out new features that improve your experience using it, including closer synchronicity with Pond – watch this space!

User feedback

To keep improving the experiences of users, your feedback is vital – our aim is to produce a website that is a true collaboration between developers and users.

Please note that there are aspects of the new site that we are still fine tuning – adding enhancements and transferring content. For example, frequent users of the Hubs will notice that not all videos, interactives and content items are present on the beta site yet. 

With us all working together, the new Science Learning Hub will continue to effectively link the education and science sectors of New Zealand, supporting teachers, students and communities by providing up-to-date science knowledge and resources.

Thank you in advance for your support and input through this process.

Content collections

Looking for other ways to find content? Explore Hub resources via Pond and Pinterest. Our buckets and boards make it easier to browse by topic or concept.

Upcoming PD

We will host webinars about the new Science Learning Hub on 16 and 30 June 2016. Keep an eye on your email and the Science Learning Hub’s Professional Development section for webinar details.

Contact us

We’d love to hear how you’re using Hub resources in the classroom. Please email enquiries@sciencelearn.org.nz, and we’ll be in touch. Alternatively you can contact us via one of these channels below.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/nzsciencelearn
Twitter: www.twitter.com/NZScienceLearn
Pinterest: nz.pinterest.com/nzsciencelearn
Pond: www.pond.co.nz/community/214015/science-learning-hub/1

Best wishes
Science and Biotechnology Learning Hub team


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