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Newsletter - December 2007

This month we are delighted to unveil a new look for the Biotechnology Learning Hub. We have updated our homepage and reorganised the teaching and learning resources to make it easier for you to find what you want.

What's new on the Hub?

The Biotechnology Learning Hub has updated its look and layout. Please take a tour through the new sections of our site:

About Biotech

In this section you will find information about New Zealand’s biotechnology sectors, organisations and people. Also, here you will find Biotech in Schools, which describes a number of ways you can access the biotechnology industry using the Hub.

Focus Stories

Focus Stories combine an in-depth look at a specific biotechnology industry project in New Zealand with associated teaching ideas. In each Focus Story you will find information sheets, teaching unit plans, worksheets, interactives and video clips.


In Themes you will find biotechnology stories and teaching resources in areas such as New Zealand views on biotech, Biotech as home, Biothics and Marvellous milk.

Multimedia Galleries

You can explore images and video clips that relate to a particular Focus Story or Theme by clicking on the Galleries in the left-hand menu of each Focus Story or Theme.

Search or Browse

Do you know exactly what you are looking for? Then type the keyword or phrase into our Search page to locate teaching and learning resources.

If you are looking for some new teaching ideas, then use the Browse function to see a list of all of the Hub’s information sheets, unit plans or worksheets.

My Biotech

Register for My Biotech to keep up to date with the latest content on the Hub*. It is free and easy to do. Simply click on ‘Want to register?’ in the My Biotech box on the homepage.

Once you have registered you can Login to the site and use the following features:

  • subscribe to our monthly newsletter
  • shortcut to your favourite webpages from the My Biotech menu
  • receive email alerts when webpages that you specify are updated.

*Note for existing My Biotech users

If you already have a My Biotech Login your username and password will be the same. However, you may want to update your details in My Profile, add the pages you often visit to My Biotech bookmarks or set Alerts on pages so you receive an email when they are updated.

Latest news

Keep up to date with the latest biotechnology news, events and radio broadcasts at: www.biotechlearn.org.nz/news_and_events

The Science Learning Hub

Especially designed for science teachers, the Science Learning Hub provides contemporary teaching and learning resources aimed at years 9-10. This website showcases New Zealand’s world class science sector.

The Science Learning Hub’s current Contexts are Icy Ecosystem, See-Through Body, Sporting Edge and Earthquakes. In each context you will find a wealth of local science stories, teaching and learning resources, feature articles, people stories, multimedia and video clips.

We welcome your ideas

Please email us at enquiries@biotechlearn.org.nz if you have any queries about the Hub or feel free to complete our feedback form online at www.biotechlearn.org.nz/contact_us

Best wishes for the Christmas break.

Dr Diane Dinnis, Project Manager
New Zealand Biotechnology Learning Hub
URL: www.biotechlearn.org.nz

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