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Newsletter – February 2011

It’s the start of a new school year – welcome back! In this newsletter, we feature our most popular teaching stories of 2010. These stories have the most views by New Zealand visitors to the Hub.

Most popular stories in 2010

Check out our last year’s most popular biotechnology stories.

Biological control of possums
Possums are one of New Zealand's biggest pests. Biological control has the potential to provide novel ways to control possums and may offer more sustainable solutions.

Transgenic cows
Scientists at AgResearch in New Zealand have successfully produced healthy transgenic cows that make modified milk or human therapeutic proteins in their milk.

Easy care sheep

Easy care sheep, developed by AgResearch, have been selectively bred to be more productive and less labour-intensive for farmers.

DNA profiling
DNA profiling is the process where a specific DNA pattern is obtained from a person or sample of bodily tissue. DNA profiling is used to help solve crimes in New Zealand.

Xenotransplantation – transplanting cells, tissues or organs from one species into another – offers new solutions for organ donation and treatment of disease.

Teaching ideas

Ethics thinking tool
The Ethics thinking tool is designed to help you explore an issue using common ethical frameworks.

Class case study: Ethics of genetically modified foods
A year 9–10 case study that explores the ethical issues associated with genetically modified (GM) food, using ethical frameworks.

Class case study: Ethics of using animals in research
A year 7–8 case study that explores when and why animals are used in research and potential harms and benefits, using ethical frameworks.

News and events

Keep up to date with the latest biotechnology news, events and radio broadcasts.

Kiwifruit into plastic – News item
New Zealand researchers from Scion have developed an amazing chemical process where they can transform 1 kiwifruit into 100 plastic spoons.

High-value chemicals from algae – News item
New Zealand company Aquaflow Bionomic Corporation makes biofuels from algae. They are now developing more than 20 high-value chemicals from wild algae.

Blackcurrants and asthma – Radio NZ audio
Plant and Food Research scientists have found a compound in blackcurrants that reduces inflammation in lung cells.

More news, audio and events

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