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Newsletter – February 2015

The Biotechnology Learning Hub’s focus stories show how curious minds have found solutions to old problems or have come up with new ways to add value to goods or services. Combine these stories with Innovation resources from the Science Learning Hub for some in-depth learning.

Science and the knowledge and innovation that flow from scientific progress have a critical role in creating and defining our future.

A Nation of Curious Minds, New Zealand’s strategic plan for Science in Society, states that New Zealand needs curious people who can ask questions – people who “have spotted a problem or seen a need and attempted to find a solution”.

Fostering curiosity in the classroom

Education today is as much about developing skills, attitudes and behaviours as it is about getting to grips with areas of predefined knowledge. Both the Biotechnology and Science Learning Hubs offer a variety of resources to help students see the value in asking questions, being curious and resourceful and seeking solutions.

Explore innovative thinking in biotechnology

Begin with video clips to introduce the concept of innovation: About innovation, Why innovation is important: Alistair Mowat and Skills for innovation: The FOODBOWL.

The student activity Unpacking innovation uses an innovative product to develop students’ innovation literacy. Choose a product from the Biotechnology Learning Hub, for example, pig cells to treat diseases, modified milk products or Mānuka honey wound care. Students use articles and media to unpack the product’s origin, the process of turning the idea into a product, the outcome and how the product has created value.

A new school year brings new learning opportunities

Sir Paul Callaghan encouraged teachers to foster and guide students’ innate curiosity. The Biotechnology and Science Learning Hubs team wishes educators – and their students – an exciting year of learning and exploration to develop their curiosity.

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