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Newsletter – July 2015

Agriculture is very important to the New Zealand economy, with primary industries responsible for about three-quarters of our export earnings. Find out how the Biotech Learning Hub supports agricultural and horticultural science.

Off the farm, there is extensive work supporting those who produce our food and fibre.

In agricultural and horticultural science, students will find themselves dealing with contexts, issues and problem solving drawn from a broad agenda that includes products, environments and solutions for particular management issues. (http://seniorsecondary.tki.org.nz/Science/Ag-and-hort-science)

Supporting agricultural and horticultural science

The Biotech Hub features focus stories about a number of products developed to add value to primary produce, address issues in sustainability and find solutions for consumer health and wellbeing.

Wool innovations – consumers like using products made from sustainable, renewable resources like wool but are sometimes put off by traditional wool fabrics. Sheep breeding and technology combine to produce high-quality products.

Easy care sheep have been selectively bred to be more productive and less labour intensive for farmers. This focus story features a new student activity: Easy care sheep traits – three-level reading guide.

Breeding red-fleshed apples is about growing a healthy, high-quality product with a point of difference that is used to contribute to commercial success and sustainability. This focus story is supported by the theme Biotech product development.

Honey to heal goes from bees to bandages. Follow the steps researchers used to make and test wound dressings. Bee keepers follow best practices to ensure economic as well as environmental sustainability – and consumer safety.

Online PD session – teaching and learning activities for agriculture and horticulture students

Check out the video and accompanying materials from a recorded PD session produced for agriculture and horticulture teachers. The session highlights Hubs resources that support soils, plant reproduction and management practices.

I would just like to say that this has been really useful and I shall be exploring all the ideas you have shown. Thank you.

Participating teacher

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