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Newsletter – June 2016

This last newsletter, before the launch of our new website, celebrates the vision of those who created the original Biotech Hub.

New Zealand biotechnology leads the world in a number of medical and agricultural applications. The Biotechnology Learning Hub’s structure and the wealth of information available through it gives educators the opportunity to bring the field of science and technology to life for students at all levels.

The Honourable Pete Hodgson, March 2005

Biotechnology Learning Hub – celebrating the vision

In 2004, educators from the University of Waikato conducted classroom trials and held industry focus group meetings. Their goal was to develop an online resource showcasing leading New Zealand research and development, coupled with examples of effective classroom and internet-based teaching methodologies. This new tool – launched at the NZBio conference in March 2005 – also enabled live video conferences between scientists and schools. It was ground-breaking pedagogy for its time.

Based on the initial success of the Biotech Hub, a sister site, the Science Learning Hub, was launched 2 years later in 2007.

A decade later, the two Hubs contain over 8,000 resources (including more than a thousand videos) to support and contextualise learning in both science and technology.

Annual surveys consistently highlight that it is the New Zealand focus of the resources that continues to be especially valued, as well as the anywhere, any time access to multimedia resources like the video clips and animations. Our free online PD webinars are growing in popularity, and over 20,000 New Zealand visitors access the sites each month of the school year.

Keeping pace with change

In order to reflect changes in digital developments and user expectations, the Hub team has been hard at work developing a new, intuitive, contemporary web design.

This new-look site will combine the best resources from both the Biotechnology and Science Learning Hubs into one new Science Learning Hub – although it will continue to support teaching and learning in both science and technology.

The new site – now available in ‘beta’ form at beta.sciencelearn.org.nz – will continue to showcase New Zealand’s leading biotechnology innovations through existing and new resources. Our goal – in keeping with the original vision – is to create a rich variety of learning experiences.

Keeping up to date with the new Hub

As an existing newsletter subscriber, you will continue to receive Hub newsletters – under a new banner.

We also encourage you to register with the new Science Learning Hub to continue to access the alert and favouriting functionalities – as well as new services as they come online. We will also keep you updated via social media and two free online PD seminars:

So, from the Learning Hub team, this is the Biotech Hub’s 42nd – and final – newsletter.

E noho rā.

Contact us

We’d love to hear how you’re using Hub resources in the classroom. Please email enquiries@sciencelearn.org.nz or contact us via one of the channels below, and we’ll be in touch. Any feedback on the new site will also be hugely appreciated – there’s a handy feedback tool in the left-hand corner of the site to make this easy.


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The Biotechnology and Science Learning Hub team


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