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Newsletter – March 2016

Everyone loves a good mystery. Use a trail of clues – and the chance to dob in ‘suspect’ teachers – to explore the science and technology of forensics.

Crime scenes, evidence and DNA testing

Forensics is the application of science in a legal setting. It’s also an engaging context to teach biology, technology, scientific communication and more.

The Biotech and Science Learning Hubs have numerous resources on forensic concepts and processes:

• Forensics explores DNA collection, profiling and databanks.
• Crime scene biotech explains the processes scientists and Police use to collect and examine evidence.
DNA lab delves more deeply into DNA extraction and sequencing.
• DNA, chromosomes and gene expression takes a closer look inside our cells.

The Hubs also have student activities:

Solving a mystery using a technological approach is scenario-based and involves the school skeleton and two ‘suspect’ teachers. Read a class case study for extra teaching clues.
Solving a mystery using a scientific approach extends the activity – students present the evidence to a jury.
• For a younger audience, the Crime scene DNA interactive explores DNA collection, processing and profiling to solve a crime.
• Students extract and observe DNA from a tomato in Introduction to DNA.

A new look for the Biotechnology Learning Hub

This month, the Biotech Learning Hub celebrates its 11 birthday! Website design has changed over the years, and changes are in store for our site, too. Our recent newsletters have combined Biotech and Science Learning Hub resources to create a richer variety of classroom learning experiences. Our new site will be organised along a similar philosophy.

We will keep you updated via social media, newsletters and two online professional development webinars in June on engaging with the new site.

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