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Newsletter – May 2011

Biotechnology features prominently in the Ever Wondered? TV series, which aired on TVNZ 7 in August 2010. You can view the whole series on our sister site – the Science Learning Hub – and use our classroom teaching resources to engage your students in topics such as new uses for wool and functional foods.

Science and technology of wool

Download video clips from TVNZ’s Ever Wondered? series and use the Hub’s teaching resources to find out more about innovative uses for wool and medicinal ice cream.

The science and technology of what we wear – Video clip
In Episode 6 Part 1 of the first series of Ever Wondered? Series 1, Dr John Watt looks into the future of our super textile – wool – and meets researchers making wool into light, functional protective wear.

New stab and flame-resistant fabric – Info sheet
Developing new stab and flame-resistant fabric – Info sheet
A unique new stab and flame-resistant material has been made using wool and a special synthetic fibre. It looks and feels like regular wool jacket fabric and is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Challenges making stab-resistant garments – Video clip
AgResearch’s new stab-resistant fabric combines wool fibre with a synthetic yarn that’s very difficult to cut. Senior Scientist Dr Stewart Collie explains why this presents a challenge for constructing garments.

Unit plan: New opportunities for protective wear – Unit plan
In this unit, students will consider the performance properties of new stab and flame-resistant fabric and design protective wear for new market opportunities.

ReCharge – a medical ice cream

Ice cream may ease chemotherapy side effects – Video clip
In Episode 3 Part 2 of Ever Wondered?, Dr John Watt talks to Fonterra and Tip Top about a new ice cream - ReCharge - designed to ease the side-effects of chemotherapy.

Medical ice cream trial underway – News item
An ice cream developed to prevent some of the unpleasant side-effects of chemotherapy in cancer patients is currently being tested.

News and events

Keep up to date with the latest biotechnology news, events and radio broadcasts.

Stem cell treatment on a schnauzer – News item
A miniature schnauzer called Poppy found herself at the cutting edge of technology as she undertook a stem cell treatment that was a first for Central Otago.

Cow parts as medical devices – News item
A Napier-based biotech company is using byproducts from meatworks to produce materials for medical device manufacturers around the world.

Sea slug toxin research – Radio NZ audio
The Cawthron Institute is breeding grey side-gilled sea slugs to find out how they produce highly poisonous tetrodotoxin.

More news, audio and events

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