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Newsletter – May 2015

Want to know more about how the food we eat interacts with our bodies? We’ve updated our Nutrigenomics focus story to highlight the impressive results from this landmark project. See how it fits with New Zealand’s new High-Value Nutrition Challenge - and your students’ understanding of the nature of technology.

Celebrating success – and asking more questions – about digestive health and nutrition. 

Updated content: Nutrigenomics

Our genes can affect the way our bodies deal with food. Particular food components will be more helpful to some people than to others. Nutrigenomics is the study of how our food and our genes interact. It helps us work out the effects that specific foods can have on an individual’s health, performance and risk of disease. 

Nutrigenomics New Zealand – a 10 year success story

Nutrigenomics New Zealand, a collaboration of technological and scientific expertise, was set up to investigate specific questions around food and disease. The research project ran for 10 years. We’ve updated our focus story to highlight the impressive results from this landmark project and some of the implications for innovative food companies with an interest in digestive health. 

To help explain the research process, information sheets explore gene variations, food components and DNA sequencing. The Nutrigenomics interactive introduces students to some of the procedures researchers use to study food compounds and their effects on individuals.

High-Value Nutrition Challenge 

In keeping with the theme of nutrition and health, check out new content on our sister site, the Science Learning Hub. The High-Value Nutrition Challenge is one of New Zealand’s 11 National Science Challenges, which tackle the biggest science-based issues and opportunities facing our country. 

The nutrition challenge, like Nutrigenomics New Zealand, brings together experts from a range of scientific and technological disciplines. Its mission is to develop high-value foods with validated health benefits to drive economic growth. 

The nature of technology 

These two projects provide real-life demonstrations of the nature of technology. The advancements in nutrigenomics and the current research into high-value foods are influenced by societal and cultural events. They provide good opportunities to make informed predictions about future technological directions. They also invite debate about the contentious issue of health and diet and whether it is a biotechnical or personal responsibility.

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