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Newsletter – September 2015

It’s not long to go until the school holidays are upon us. If you use your holidays to plan new topics – or need to keep offspring extended and engaged – here are a few activities you might like to try out. Remember, all of the activities come with supporting articles and media.

Making things

Try your hand at making these biotech related items.

Make a muesli bar

Making felt

Making fermented drinks

Making honey crystals

Conducting investigations

These activities are hands-on and taste-on too! Just like the results, you can ‘sample’ the activity by modifying the number of items you test, rather than conducting the entire activity.

Investigating apple attributes

Apple firmness test

Investigating how pea crabs affect supermarket mussels

A comparison of home-made marinades

Testing fish oil in ice cream

What’s on a label?

Food-related activities

Learning is so much more engaging when food is involved. Again, you can modify the amount of product you make or test.

Separating curds and whey

Identifying cheese characteristics

Modelling DNA

The viscosity of honey

Card games

Make up the following card games and test them with the whānau to identify key vocabulary, extension opportunities and potential pitfalls.

Sorting food into groups

Find a female

Start a debate

Encourage those with argumentative dispositions to debate something educational for a change – call it arguing with a purpose! The Hub has numerous opportunities for robust discussion.

Activities involving debate, role-play and weighing up the consequences

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