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Environmental Risk Management Authority

The Environmental Risk Management Authority or ERMA regulates new organisms and hazardous substances in New Zealand.

ERMA was disestablished in June 2011 and its functions were incorporated into the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA). For more information about the EPA go to their website.

ERMA consists of two parts: the authority, which makes decisions on applications, and the agency, which gathers and collates information on environmental issues from experts and the wider community.

In this video conference, secondary school students found out more about ERMA’s role in protecting the environment, from Dr Val Orchard and Dr Manuka Henare, who are both members of the Authority. Five secondary schools were involved including students from:

  • Forest View High School
  • Solway College
  • Tauhara College
  • Taratahi Agriculture Centre, Stratford High School
  • Te Aroha College
  • Turakina Māori Girls College.

Find out more about ERMA’s role in protecting the environment, regulating new and genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and hazardous substances.

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