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Agribusiness and Economics Research Unit (AERU), Lincoln University

The AERU at Lincoln University focuses on the economics, resource, and environmental and social issues associated with agriculture practices in New Zealand.

Research at the Agribusiness and Economics Research Unit (AERU) at Lincoln University is focused on natural resources, environment and public policy, agricultural economics, regional development, trade and environment, rural sociology, and institutional and consumer marketing.

Recent AERU reports ‘Food Miles – Comparative Energy/Emissions Performance of New Zealand’s Agriculture Industry’ and ‘Comparative Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions of New Zealand's and the UK's Dairy Industry’ have demonstrated the relative energy efficiency of New Zealand’s agriculture and contributed to the international debate on carbon emission and climate change. Current research is investigated the economic impacts of the emerging industries of biofuels and biopharmaceuticals.

The AERU undertakes research for clients, including: Government departments (both within New Zealand and in other countries), international agencies, New Zealand companies and organisations, individuals and farmers. For example, recent publications by AERU include: ‘Preliminary Economic Evaluation of Biopharming in New Zealand’, ‘Why do some of the public reject novel scientific technologies?’, ‘Modelling the trade impacts of willingness to pay for genetically modified food’ and ‘South Island Māori perceptions of biotechnology’.

Agribusiness and Economics Research Unit (AERU), Lincoln University
Web Address:
Lincoln University
PO Box 94
New Zealand

Phone: +64 3 423 0372
Research, policy advice, economics and marketing.


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