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AgResearch is New Zealand’s largest Crown Research Institute researching pastoral industries, food processing, textiles and innovative products.

Through science and technology AgResearch's mission is:

  • To raise the rate of productivity growth in the New Zealand Pastoral Sector
  • To establish a range of biotechnologies and systems in New Zealand
  • To export AgResearch biotechnologies and other technologies to the world, where this is appropriate.

AgResearch's research is undertaken by three science and technology groups:

Agriculture and Environment:
Providing a link between the laboratory and the land. AgResearch works with farmers to encourage the uptake of new technology that is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Applied Biotechnologies:
Making better grasses and animals so farmers can earn better incomes through genomics and reproductive research. AgResearch does this through plant, rumen, and animal genetics, and reproductive research.

Food and Health:
Developing new food technologies and animal health products for a demanding global market. AgResearch helps farming maintain healthy, contented, well-fed animals, and assist food processors and marketers in providing more sophisticated products for international consumers.

Web Address:
Crown Research Institute
5th Floor Tower Block,
Ruakura Research Centre,
East Street,
Private Bag 3123,
New Zealand

Phone: +64 7 834 6600
Fax: +64 7 834 6640
Research, development, education and marketing.


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