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DairyNZ researches dairy farm systems and businesses, feed, animal, people and environment issues.

DairyNZ is making New Zealand dairy farms more productive by carrying out research into dairy farm systems and businesses, feed, animal, people, and environment issues. As well as carrying out on-farm research, a consulting officer extension service is available to support farmers.

DairyNZ is co-operatively owned by all dairy farmers in New Zealand, and most of its funding comes from a milk levy. This means that farmers have ownership over the direction of research and innovation for New Zealand dairy farms.

DairyNZ supports the sustainable development of the New Zealand dairy industry by taking their research findings to farmers, networking with other providers of dairy farm research, and encouraging young people into the dairy industry through training and scholarships. Go to their website to get more information about career paths in the dairy industry or to find out more about their scholarship programme.To find out more about careers in the dairy industry in New Zealand go to Get Fresh.

Some of DairyNZ's recent projects include:

  • Automated milking and milk harvesting (see the Robotic milking focus story)
  • Once-a-day milking
  • Farm systems
  • Feeding the high $ breeding-worth dairy cow
  • Reproduction
  • Sustainable dairy systems
  • Methane
  • Higher value milk
  • Mastitis and milk quality.

DairyNZ was formed by the merger of Dexcel and Dairy InSight.

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Web Address:
Private bag 3221
New Zealand

Phone: +64 7 858 3750
Fax: +64 7 858 3751
Email: info@dairynz.co.nz
Research, development and education for the dairy farming industry.


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