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Living Cell Technologies

Living Cell Technologies (LCT) has developed technologies for transplanting healthy cells into people to replace or repair damaged organs.

They are using this technology to develop treatments for type I diabetes, Huntington’s disease, stroke, hearing loss and haemophilia.

LCT uses pig cells that are coated in a protective gel made from an extract of seaweed. The protective coating prevents the animal cells from being attacked by the patient’s immune system. Therefore, patients receiving treatment with these cells do not need to take toxic, immunosuppressive drugs.

Recent projects
In 2007, LCT started a human clinical trial using pig cells to treat people with type I diabetes.

Living Cell Technologies
Web Address:
PO Box 23 566
Hunters Corner
New Zealand

Phone: +64 9 276 2690
Fax: +64 9 276 2691
Email: lct@lctglobal.com
Research, development, commercialisation and marketing.


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