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New Zealand Nutrition Foundation

The New Zealand Nutrition Foundation offers New Zealanders guidance on food and nutrition issues.

The mission of the New Zealand Nutrition Foundation (NZNF) is to:

Enhance the quality of life of New Zealanders by encouraging informed, healthy and enjoyable food choices as part of an active lifestyle.

It has several key roles:

  • Nutrition education and health promotion – providing educational resources, newsletters, seminars and public health campaigns about food and nutrition
  • Advocacy – supporting:
    - the exchange of food and nutrition information between professional groups, food producers, food manufacturers and Government agencies.
    - nutrition campaigns and organisations promoting well researched nutrition strategies and messages.
  • Policy – working with Food Standards Australia New Zealand and the NZ Government on food standards and public health policy
  • Research – encouraging nutrition research.

Recent projects:
The NZNF owns the e Mark, a new food label that will help people to make food choices that are matched to their lifestyles.

The e Mark tells you the amount of energy in a serving of food, and the speed with which that energy is released into the body. The e Mark has been scientifically tested in conjunction with scientists at Crop & Food Research (now called Plant & Food Research). For more information, get the focus story Future foods.

New Zealand Nutrition Foundation
Web Address:
Not for profit
NZ Nutrition Foundation
Level 2, 507 Lake Road
PO Box 331 366
Takapuna 0740
Phone: +64 9 489 3417
Fax: +64 9 489 3174
Email: nutritionist@nutrition.org.nz
Health promotion, education, advocacy, policy advice and community action.


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