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Prevar™ is an international joint venture company that manages the process of developing New Zealand’s new apple and pear varieties and products and commercialising them globally.

Prevar manages the commercialisation process
Prevar™ was established in 2005 for the sole purpose of managing the development and commercialisation of new apple and pear varieties initiated through the breeding programme at Plant & Food Research (PFR), a New Zealand Crown research institute. Prevar works closely with PFR in the development of new varieties, from the initial selection of cultivars right through to their commercial release in the market.

Breeding objectives established by Prevar
The breeding programme is operated by PFR and managed according to Prevar’s breeding objectives. The main goal of the programme is to develop new apple and pear varieties that meet consumer demand for novel, fresh, great tasting, healthy and convenient fruit varieties and products

Prevar works collaboratively with its partners

Prevar’s shareholders are:

  • Pipfruit New Zealand, representing the New Zealand pipfruit industry
  • Apple and Pear Australia Limited, representing Australian apple and pear growers
  • Plant & Food Research.

Prevar’s contracted service providers are:

  • Plant & Food Research (PFR), which operates the breeding programme and develops the new apple and pear cultivars
  • the Associated International Group of Nurseries (AIGN®), which provides trialling, propagation, quarantine, evaluation and IP management services – members of AIGN are located
  • in all the major apple and pear producing and consuming regions in the world, supporting Prevar in achieving global market reach.

Recent commercial successes
Recent New Zealand commercially released varieties produced from PFR‘s breeding programme include the Smitten® brand PremA17 , Honeymoon® brand PremA153 and the Rockit® brand PremA96 apples plus the Velvetine™ PremP33 and PremP109 pears, which are also being tested for Prevar throughout the world by AIGN.

Other commercial varieties emanating from the breeding programme include the Pacific series (Gala-Splendour crosses) and Jazz™ (Braeburn-Gala cross), which are grown commercially throughout New Zealand, in Washington (USA) and in Europe.

Web Address:
PO Box 11045, Hastings
Phone: +64 6 835 2530
Fax: +64 6 835 2531
Email: bme@prevar.co.nz
Commercialising intellectual property associated with new apple and pear cultivars


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